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When it’s time to let yourself shine, visit an experienced hair salon in K-TOWN, CA. Here at ETUDE LOUNGE, we're happy to provide you with basic haircuts, but our services go well beyond the standard fare. We want you to look amazing and feel confident about your looks, so we also offer a range of treatment options.

We’re a family-owned and -operated beauty salon, and our stylists are extremely skilled. We’ll listen to what you want, but we’ll also make suggestions that you might not have considered. We have reasonable rates, and our convenient appointments make it easy to come in and treat yourself to a fresh new look. You’ll benefit from our:

- Close attention to detail

- Quick responses

- Focus on client satisfaction

Call our hair salon today to schedule your appointment. We’ve helped men and women throughout K-TOWN give their appearance a positive boost, and we’re looking forward to serving you.

ETUDE LOUNGE is open Monday through Sunday, so schedule your hair appointment today.